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Who We Are


Valda Alleyne is the Founder & Principal Consultant of Valda Alleyne Consulting (VAC). VAC has as its Mission to “Improve the quality of education and the labour market”. Valda Alleyne possesses a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Policy from The University of the West Indies where her research focused on the labour market experiences of graduates of a major tertiary educational institution in Barbados. She also completed a Master of Science in Human Resource Development at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management at The University of the West Indies. 


Dr. Alleyne was the Executive Director of the Barbados Accreditation Council (BAC), where she led and managed the daily operations of the BAC and its technical activities that included the development of policies, procedures and standards for quality assuring tertiary education in Barbados such as Registration, Accreditation and Programme Approval. Under her leadership, the BAC achieved major milestones such as the registration and accreditation of major public and private tertiary educational providers including offshore medical schools. Amongst other critical functions, Dr. Alleyne also had oversight for the evaluation of requests for comparability of qualifications; recognition of institutions and their programmes and the CARICOM Skills Recognition Programme (CARICOM Skills Certificate). She also worked closely with tertiary educational providers, quality assurance/accreditation bodies and, external evaluators locally and overseas. She also provided technical expertise on QA areas regionally and extra-regionally.

Dr. Alleyne was also the acting Deputy Principal Training Officer at the Training Administration Division in Barbados; Senior Technical Officer at the Technical Vocational and Training (TVET) Council; Senior Economist at the National Productivity Council where she co-authored a study on “Evaluation of Gainsharing Schemes in Barbados” with Professor (now Emeritus) Andrew Downes that was published in the Economic Review (1998):Vol. xxv No.3, Central Bank of Barbados; Guidance and Placement Officer at the Student Revolving Loan Fund and Statistical Assistant in the Manpower Research and Statistical Unit of the Ministry of Employment, Labour Relations and Community Development. She has presented Papers at local and overseas conferences in relation to Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education.  


Dr. Alleyne is an Affiliate Member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) and an Honorary Member of the Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education (CANQATE). Dr. Alleyne is also a Member of Human Resources Management Association of Barbados  (HRMAB).

Dr. Alleyne is actively involved in sharing God's reconciling love through various ministries at the Anglican Church of Christ the King, Barbados.


She is passionate about persons achieving their potential and consequently, Valda Alleyne Consulting was born of the need to help persons make wise choices based on sound information and guidance in relation to education and employment. 

Dr. Alleyne is an Affiliate Member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

Hours of Work

9.00a.m. - 4.30p.m. (Monday - Friday, excluding Bank and Public Holidays

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