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COVID-19! Eight (8) Survival Tips for Students on Suspension of Classes or Online Education

COVID-19! Eight (8) Survival Tips for Students on Suspension of Classes or Online Education

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading worldwide and the impact on education is tremendous. To stop the spread of the disease amongst students and staff, educational institutions globally have announced intentions of closure or implemented closure for specific periods Some institutions have indicated that online education may be offered, and they are looking to see whether this delivery mode of education can be implemented within the shortest time. Meanwhile, you may be anxious about the effect on your studies and whether you will be able to complete your programme within the timeframe you expected. You certainly do not want to relax until your institution re-opens. So, here are some tips for you to survive the suspension period and for those of you who are new to online education.

1. Develop a Plan of Action that covers the suspension period or online education programme to ensure that your time is well spent.

2. Review your course(s) – e.g. expected learning outcomes, upcoming assignments, expected timelines for submission of assignments.

3. Ask your institution about the mode of online education that will be used. UNESCO has provided a list of possible online solutions that educational institutions may wish to consider for use during these periods of closure.

4. Familiarize yourself with the online mode of education that your educational institution will use e.g. through orientation offered by your institution or self-directed learning using, for example, YouTube videos.

5. Make notes of the area(s) that you will need e.g. assistance from your lecturer/tutor or to do some research to help yourself.

6. Contact the lecturer/tutor or relevant on-line support personnel for immediate assistance if you are having any challenges e.g. with using the online system.

7. Submit your assignments within the expected timelines.

8. Celebrate your achievements.

Let’s hope that this pandemic will soon be over, and you can get back to a stable education environment! In the interim, don’t panic!

Focus on continuing your education!

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