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Graduate, Unemployed and Frustrated?

It must be frustrating to pursue secondary and tertiary education only to find that you're one of the many unemployed people waiting to get the right job opportunity.

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has made the unemployment situation worst - COVID crisis to push global unemployment over 200 million mark in 2022 | | UN News. Further, employers are not finding graduates with the right competencies (skills, knowledge and attitudes/ behaviours). That is, education systems are not meeting labour market needs - Skills and jobs mismatches in low- and middle-income countries (, MISMATCH BETWEEN EDUCATION and JOBS | Barbados Advocate.

Unfortunately, the situation can be daunting for graduates who believe that they're job-ready and therefore anxiously waiting for the opportunity to show their worth in the organization. Graduates, do you want to enhance your employability in this increasingly competitive job market? These generic/soft skills are in demand - 12 Important Generic Skills You Need To Enhance Your Employability ( Show your prospective or current employer that you have these skills. Perhaps gained through formal learning (educational institution), informal learning (e.g. daily living experience) or non-formal (e.g. workplace, community involvement).

Working for yourselves may come as a last resort. During this COVID-19 situation, you may have had to look inwardly for those God-given or natural talents that you never knew you had. You may have discovered that there are many online learning platforms for gaining valuable learning that you have or can put into practice. True? Entrepreneurship is, therefore, a viable option for finding and utilizing your talents.

So, don't give up hope! Agree?

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