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Plans, Challenges and COVID-19

It is essential to have a plan or road map when you decide to pursue a personal or business goal. If you have no plan or road map as to how you will achieve that goal, any road will take you there as pointed out by the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

You also need to have the courage to press on when challenges arise, if you want to achieve your goal.

When an unexpected challenge like COVID-19 comes along, do you give up or press on towards your goal(s)?

In a situation that may seem daunting certainly in the case of this pandemic you may want to give up but here are my suggestions:

  • review the impact on your personal or business goal(s)

  • review your plan or road map

  • make adjustments to the road map to overcome any challenge(s)

  • press on towards your personal or business goal(s)


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